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TOP 0 – Get Started

What does the customer need from us?
Which package is right for them?

Starting Position

HR Services are recognized as a business-critical factor. A comprehensive strategy or alignment with the future national and international requirements has not yet been formulated.

  • Where do we want to be in 2 years?
  • What are the conditions that need to be taken into account?
  • Which systems are we currently using / are already planned?
  • How do we manage personnel documents?
  • How do we generate personnel documents?
  • Which processes are causing pain today?


With Get Started, we individually assist you in determining your current and future position through a clearly structured approach. We provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which gaps do we close first?
  • How exactly do we proceed? (with consultation on this)
  • What do we need for this (organizational regulations, skills, software, etc.)?
  • Make or buy consideration
  • Concrete next steps
  • Definition of a clear and efficient HR document strategy


  • “Quick Check”
  • Joint determination of problem priorities
  • Effort / Benefit assessment
  • Importance / Urgency evaluation
  • What can you address quickly (quick wins)
  • Typical scope depending on complexity: 2-3 days

TOP 1 – Empower

Starting Position

Document creation and written record management are major drivers of effort in HR.

  • Possibly, HR solutions (HRIS, ePA, etc.) are already in use, but their integration is not yet optimal, resulting in continued manual document creation.
  • There is still additional effort in manual document recording (e.g., through conventional scanning) or subsequent correction of incorrect data in documents.


With Empower, we support you individually in optimizing your document creation and your written record management. We focus on what you really need.

  • Significant reduction of manual efforts in standard tasks
  • Processes follow clearly defined procedures, and suitable solutions are identified for each process
  • The system landscape is analyzed and optimized according to actual needs
  • Your working model conforms to market standards, and best practice approaches are established


  • “Quick Analysis”
  • Joint determination of the main problems
  • Creation of a solution concept and, if necessary, support in implementation
  • Typical scope depending on complexity: 5-10 days

TOP 2 – Align

Starting Point

Your goal is to position your company for the future and you encounter the following topics, among others:

  • Employee Branding
  • War for Talents
  • Candidate Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Big Data

Due to the multitude of challenges, you find it difficult to prioritize the right focus areas for you and identify the correct measures.


With Align, we assist you in analyzing the maturity level of your HR. For this purpose, we jointly conduct a comprehensive Readiness Assessment.

  • Identify the digital maturity of HR
  • Evaluate the fit of various measures
  • Identify quick wins
  • Create an individual roadmap that defines priorities from a multitude of possible solutions and shapes the future image of HR


  • Maturity analysis or Readiness Assessment
  • Derivation of potential solutions
  • Define tailored solutions and create a customer-specific roadmap
  • Typical scope depending on complexity: 10-15 days

TOP 3 – Improve

Starting Position

  • Your HR landscape exhibits a too fragmented environment, which is complex to manage in daily operations
  • You use many individual IT solutions for different core HR areas
  • System jumps, multiple maintenance, and inefficient interfaces are typical time-drainers in daily work


With Improve, we assist you in closing system gaps and transforming a fragmented environment into an optimal HR-IT landscape tailored to your needs.

  • Avoid redundant tasks
  • Streamline core processes and potentially automate them
  • Close gaps between systems
  • Enable the transition from reactive to proactive tasks
  • Enhance HR service quality for the company’s employees


  • Analysis of the HR-IT architecture
  • Process analysis of the HR core areas
  • Recommendation for action to establish an optimized HR-IT system landscape
  • Usual scope depending on complexity: 10-15 days
  • If necessary, expandable to include tendering and/or implementation of new solutions and interfaces

TOP 4 – Advance

Starting Position

You have already intensively dealt with suitable HR solutions and are already using them extensively. However, the full potential of individual solutions as well as the overall HR-IT infrastructure is not yet being exploited.

The reasons for the non-optimized use can vary:

  • HR organization is not aligned with the solution
  • HR processes do not fit the solution environment
  • Not all functions of the solutions are known or are being used
  • The HR solutions are not clearly delimited from each other, and it is unclear where the process should best be mapped


With Advance, we support you in identifying the critical issues in processes and solutions you currently face and create a transparent approach to optimize organizational and digital processes.

  • We analyze and optimize your HR processes end-to-end using your existing solutions. Through this, we leverage the possibilities of your existing infrastructure
  • We empower you to optimally use your HR solution environment for the business


  • Analysis of the HR-IT infrastructure
  • Analysis of HR organization and processes
  • Problem analysis and efficiency improvement analysis
  • Process optimization and implementation in the existing HR-IT
  • Typical duration depending on complexity: 25-50 days (highly individual)


Starting Position

Personnel files are available in:

  • Paper form (possibly located at various sites)
  • On the drive
  • In the electronic file system
  • High diversity in file handling (systemic and organizational) depending on the location or organizational unit
  • Cumbersome and lengthy process for data and document migration
  • Unclear project planning due to the involvement of many project participants
  • Internal knowledge-building for a one-time migration is not effective


With gofar HRShift, we bring your personnel files (whether digital or in paper) into their new home. We offer you an end-to-end migration service without hidden costs at fixed prices.

  • Seamless transition into your new file solution
  • Low coordination and communication effort
  • Legal and data protection-compliant processing
  • Practical and proven file structure


All-in-One Service:

  • Export
    • We retrieve your digital and paper files
  • Transformation
    • We prepare your files for the new system
  • Import
    • We transfer your files into their new home


  • Implementation of leading personnel file systems