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About us

“gofar” is not just an acronym for the founders’ first names, but it’s a fundamental attitude that we live by in our customer projects and daily tasks.

We accompany you through all phases of your company’s HR transformation, optimizing various areas from recruitment to talent management. It is important to us that people remain the focus and we guide both you as our client and your employees with a holistic approach to achieve the desired outcome.

Gert Fuljahn

Gert Fuljahn is a co-founder and has over 20 years of experience in leading IT projects of various scales across numerous industries. As a recognized DMS expert, he ensures optimized document flows and file structures.

Business process management is another key focus of his work. Based on BPMN 2.0 process models, he identifies and designs digitization and automation measures that function in collaboration with many IT applications.

All of the founders readily attest that he and his wife are among the best chefs in Saarland. His musical talent for piano and vocals is showcased during regular performances with a big band and smaller ensembles.

Oliver Koepke


Both in business process consulting and in HR-IT, he brings in-depth experience and can thus provide end-to-end HR consulting. Through his previous professional positions, as well as his academic engagement with HR topics and numerous projects he has supported for clients, he understands the realities and challenges of HR in companies, and therefore addresses needs in a targeted manner.

As an SAP HCM and HR-Cloud expert, he can provide comprehensive advice in both traditional and modern solution environments and guide transformation processes. Whether it’s an HR core system, a simple HRIS, digital personnel files, or process control and HR service delivery, Oliver Koepke brings extensive expertise to all solution areas.

In his free time, he prefers engaging in athletic activities. Besides his great passion for strength training, skiing and hiking are also among his hobbies. Together with his wife, he also shares a great enthusiasm for long-distance travels around the world.

Florian Schmitt


He coordinates decentralized teams and is responsible for aligning various stakeholder requirements and interests. For him, this always includes direct contact with the client as well as precise and transparent management communication.

In addition to the classic methods of project management, he is also familiar with agile projects. For process analysis and process design, apart from regular requirements management, he employs methods and tools from the Six Sigma doctrine to ensure that implementations provide measurable benefits.

He is an enthusiastic weightlifter and climber, always looking forward to the next athletic challenge.

Arno Klasen

Arno Klasen is a co-founder and has over 25 years of experience leading IT projects and programs of various sizes across different industries. Arno is one of only 125 IPMA Level-A certified project directors in Germany.

He plans and controls individual customer projects up to complex programs and portfolios. With his structured working method, he ensures the successful completion of the project while adhering to the customer’s target achievement criteria.

Besides his passion for project management, he is regularly seen starting in various racing vehicles at the Nürburgring. The basic fitness required for this is hard-earned through running in the hilly Eifel region.

Reiner Kappus

Reiner Kappus is a co-founder and has more than 30 years of experience in document management, workflow, input management, and HCM solutions. He is responsible for project sales and partner management. The focus of his professional work lies in the design of holistic solutions and developing the “big picture” for customers. As a seasoned expert, his myriad of completed customer projects is a valuable asset. His experience flows into every new endeavor. With his network in the diverse areas of consulting, solution providers, and international connections, he is a valuable partner on the team.

In addition to extensive off-road driving with his wife, he is an enthusiastic photographer and filmmaker. Athletically, as a mountaineer and runner, he knows what it takes to be a successful summit climber.